Frequently Asked Questions

Find helpful information here, but if you can’t find an answer please contact us at Live@PoweredByDvora.com

What is DVORA? +

A new luxury, residential hospitality brandoffering exceptional living experiences and luxury concierge-like services.

What is the WeeklyRefresh +

A hotel-style, light cleaning of your home. Executed by a trained DVORA expert, he/she will spend 20 minutes refreshing each unit each week:

  • Bed made to hotel standards
  • Trash & recycling removed
  • Kitchen surfaces wiped down
  • Fluff pillows & couch in living area
  • Light cleaning of dishes / loading or unloading of dishwasher
Can I schedule the WeeklyRefresh more often? +

Yes, we offer additional WeeklyRefresh services at an extra cost.

Who will be doing the service? +

Our DVORAZ are full- and part-time W2 employees, carefully screened, vetted and trained by our staff.

How do I communicate with my DVORA? +

Booking of DVORA services should be done through your Community Manager. Our Application, launching end of 2018, will be the hub of all communication with community managers, building staff and DVORA. A one stop shop for all your home needs. You will receive a reminder before your service and immediately following letting you know that we have attended to your unit. There will also be a door hanger placed on your doorknob indicating when the DVORA is in your unit and when they are complete.

Does the same DVORA come to my house every week? +

Yes, using the same DVORA every week will allow you to build a relationship rooted in trust with our team. You should never have to worry about the people who enter your home through DVORA

When does my DVORA come +

We free up your time by handling your to-do list while you’re out with friends, family, working or traveling. Monday – Friday, 9-5

How does DVORA gain entry to my unit? +

A copy of your key will be kept in a secure location under the supervision of the concierge. Your DVORA cleaner/handyman will sign out your key on the day of your service and will return it following completion.

What supplies do I need to provide to DVORA for in unit cleaning services? +

None! DVORA uses our own cleaning supplies and supplies. The products we use are “Clean and Authentic” No Harsh chemicals, dyes or strong odors. Our “Signature Smell” room and linen spray is organic and safe.

Will I need tools for handyman services? +

No, our staff professionals have their own tools and supplies. For certain A-La Carte services supplies will be needed to beprovided by the resident – those are indicated in our A-La Carte service menu.

How do you price your services? +

Our team has spent countless hours pricing and analyzing the market. We strive to be better priced, more efficient and provide higher quality service than our competition. If you ever feel that is not the case please let our team know.

How do I get started? +

Sign up at www.poweredbydvora.com. Our DVORA coordinator will reach out personally to coordinate your date/time of service and will provide a permission to enter form for your signature.

Is DVORA insured in case of damages? +

We are insured for up to $1MM towards theft and $2MM towards damages.